Technology Program

Blue Ridge Christian School Technology Program

Technology is integrated into every classroom. Students are required to bring their own devices to class. The school recommends every student own a Chromebook. Students learn how to use available technology within each discipline. Science classes use smart boards for interactive content, and they also teach students how to locate and cite primary research sources on internet databases. Students continue learning online research skills in English classes and in Writing Workshop.

In Yearbook, students learn digital photography skills, and they use an online publishing program to create the yearbook.

Teachers at all levels are required to teach and use technology in their classroom through presentation software, videos, smart boards, tablets, Google Docs and other collaborative tools, Google Classroom. Homework and class news is posted on Teacher Blogs. During Power Hour (the last 45 minutes of the day), students are given the opportunity to participate in technology-related clubs and classes, such as music appreciation, composing, programming, and others.

A digital photography class is provided based on student interest.

Strengths of the Technology Program:

  • Students bring their own devices to school, which can be customized to suit their individual needs.
  • The school will be getting Google Fiber.
  • Information is transmitted to students through email, blogs, collaboration tools, and other technology tools.
  • Students use technology in every class, learning how technology is used in each discipline.