Language Arts Program

Language Arts Program

The Language Arts program at Blue Ridge Christian develops student skills in Reading, Writing, Speaking and Listening, and Researching and using information technology. Our program is aligned with current practices in the fields of writing, reading, literature, and technology.

By the time they graduate, students will have learned a number of key skills, including personality types and learning styles; vocabulary; grammar; literary features of multiple genres; elements of narrative; creative writing; MLA documentation style; ACT prep; journaling; research skills; essay genres; and writing for college and beyond.

Writing is encouraged across the curriculum. Students write lab reports and work all year on a major research paper in most science classes. We offer a cartooning class that teaches students how to combine art with writing to create sequential narratives. Yearbook staff practice captioning, copywriting, and other journalistic skills. Students are also assigned journals, presentations, and other writing projects in Bible and History classes.

Blue Ridge also believes in providing students with many opportunities for writing practice. A Creative Writing Class is offered to middle school students (in addition to their standard English class). In Writing Workshop, students practice writing in multiple genres and receive one-on-one writing coaching on projects they receive in other classes. During Power Hour (the last 45 minutes of the school day), students may receive writing tutoring a the Writing Lab, and they may elect to take an ACT prep class offered twice a year. Middle school and High school students were encouraged to participate in the National Novel Writing Month in November 2015, and several students completed 50,000 word novels. Middle school and High school students also compiled and published books of writing and art in Publishing Club. Students are also encouraged to participate in yearly writing contests.

Strengths of the Language Arts and Technology Program:

  • Course content is designed to prepare students for college. Two of our English and Writing teachers have master’s degrees in their fields.
  • Students are provided with multiple opportunities to practice writing across the curriculum in almost every discipline.
  • Students are given many extra-curricular opportunities to develop their writing skills.