Why Blue Ridge Christian School?

Thanks for taking time to get to know Blue Ridge Christian School. Have you scheduled a visit yet? If not, schedule your visit today by calling our office at (816) 358-0950. If you’re looking for specific reasons on why BRCS can make a difference in the life of your student, check our our Top 7 list below:

Top 7 Reasons to Enroll

1. 50 years of Quality Christian Education


Blue Ridge Christian School has a strong tradition and solid foundation. Since our founding in 1968, BRCS has provided Biblically-Based, Relationship-Centered, Character-Emphasizing, Scholastically-Focused Christian education.

2. 95% of Graduates Attend College


We have graduated over 900 students, 95% of which attended college. We’ve even had grads at MIT, the US Air Force Academy, and the Naval Academy.

3. Strong University Partnership

With our building directly on the campus of Calvary University, BRCS students have easy access to a full catalog of college-level courses and dual-credit options. Students can accelerate their future and be fully prepared for college, all while being part of a solid, close-knit high school community.

4. Personal Atmosphere


Our student-teacher ratio is 10 to 1. Consistent interaction between all grade levels makes Blue Ridge Christian School like a big family that can know the name and heart of every student.

5. Engaging Teaching

the line game

We understand that learning is about inspiring students to be life-long learners. From classroom settings, to impromptu nature walks to project-based learning, BRCS teachers strive to find the right balance to ensure students will embrace education for years to come.

6. Competitive Boys and Girls Sports Programs

Britton dribbles

Each season – Fall, Winter and Spring – BRCS students can join a team to learn what it means to “Be a Warrior.” In 2017, our girls’ basketball team won the state championship and our boys’ soccer team has over 500 wins. Students can also compete in girls’ volleyball, boys’ basketball, girls’ soccer and boys’ baseball.

7. Award-Winning Music Program

crown center choir

Students can expand their artistic side by enrolling and participating in choir, vocal ensemble, concert band, pep band, and hand bell choir. Every spring, the school also performs an all-school musical.